Solution to a Problem

Tribal Planet provides a way to authentically engage millennials through mobile by aligning with causes in an effort to collaboratively solve the most important issues challenging our world today.


Millennials = Mobile

Millennials are the most mobile-connected generation ever and will eclipse baby boomers in spending power at $3.39 Trillion by 2018


Banner Ads are not effective

Brands are finding it increasingly challenging to authentically engage with consumers in a sustained and relevant way on mobile.


Causes drive behavior

Millennials are aligning with social causes, with 75% believing businesses need to focus more on "doing good".


What drives Millennials

  • Millennials believe in the power of social media to enact change
  • Millennials are aligning with causes, but not just in their personal life
  • Millennials want businesses, including their employers, to focus more on people (employees, customers, and society), products, and purpose, and less on profits


Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is changing as the world becomes more educated and connected, largely through mobile devices.  A generation of consumers who have grown up as “screen-agers” have higher expectations for brands and governments to “do good”. The purchase and media consumption behaviors made through mobile devices are challenging traditional  advertising and media models.

Purpose, values and causes matters to millennials in how they make decisions to engage and support brands as consumers, employees and advocates. Brands that invest in their consumers’ and communities’ needs and passions are rewarded through purchases and advocacy. Consumer purchases will increasingly represent a vote of confidence in the brand equal to the fulfillment of need.