How it works

Tribal Planet’s Citizen Platform encourages sustained, long-term participation from youth through platform and activation partnerships with leading brands, halo partners, entertainers, mobile technologies, and global thought leaders.

The Citizen Platform encourages people of all ages to learn, experiment, and contribute to, rewarding them for their time, and inspiring them to interact and engage with platform partners in an authentic environment.




Inspiring curiosity and learning through sustainable actions

Tribal Planet's Citizen Platform engages global citizens with activities, linking their mobile devices to everyday actions. They have fun and feel a part of something larger than themselves by collaborating with users around the world and contributing to a global movement.



Ensuring a fair exchange of value for users' time and energy

Users earn points for their sustained engagement and participation with the platform, ensuring a fair exchange of value for the time and effort. The more users participate the more they earn.



Connecting brand assets with behavior-based rewards

Users redeem their Citizen Points for branded rewards. These included Fun, Important and Lasting rewards that they value, such as entertainment experiences, micro-scholarships, internships and was to support local and global non-profit organizations.