Pavegen wins SXSW "Smart Cities Interactive Innovation Award"

The new Pavegen V3 system has just beaten some of the world’s most feted technology companies to win the prestigious South by Southwest (SXSW) Smart Cities Interactive Innovation Award.

Held in Austin, Texas SXSW is the world’s leading tech event and we were up against a heavy-hitting field which included recent Uber acquisition Otto who produce a self-driving truck,  and the incredible Starship Technologies’ robot delivery system, developed by Skype's founders.


Winning this award for Pavegen's interactive technology comes at a crucial time as companies and communities wake up to the reality that it’s not just technology that’s transforming the world – it’s the people.

Supported by the UK Government’s Department for International Trade, South by SouthWest is a key platform for Pavegen, enabling them to connect and sell their interactive systems to the world’s leading tech players and planners.

Other highlights for Pavegen were an intensive Energy Challenge game which they took all over the festival and a keynote and mobile charging installation at the German car maker Smart’s eco home.

This win comes at a crucial time as Tribal Planet's partner Pavegen is expanding into the US market and prepares for another investment round. 

The best new green energy tech could be right underfoot

The tiles are a kind of kinetic energy recovery system. We’ve seen these before in race cars and buses—but where recovery systems in automobiles convert the kinetic energy normally lost in braking to electrical energy, Pavegen tiles are all about capturing the spring in your step