Tribal Planet hosts exclusive event to launch the Citizen Science Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, Sep. 29, 2016

Tribal Planet, Inc. (“Tribal”) is pleased to announce the launch of their Citizen Science mobile platform at an exclusive event being held at Sweetwater Music Hall on September 29th, 2016. The event is hosted by Tribal along with co-hosts Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead and history-making U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly.

Created by Tribal, Citizen Science is a mobile platform that enables STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education inside and outside of the classroom, demonstrating the excitement and power of these disciplines through experiments, games and play on a mobile device. The mobile platform is an ecosystem of global partners that encourages sustained, long-term participation from youth through partnerships with leading educators, entertainers, brands, mobile technologies and global thought leaders.

“We view science as a means of empowerment for youth,” said Jeff Martin, Founder & CEO of Tribal Planet. “But how do we get today’s youth to look beyond their mobile phones? We accomplish this through connecting their phones with the world around them, encouraging self-discovery and scientific exploration outside of the classroom, and on their own terms. This creates a lasting experience that inspires curiosity to learn and engage that is unrelated to academic performance and schoolwork. By cutting out the middleman and empowering youth to collaborate directly with today’s global scientists, we can inspire a generation to connect globally and become citizens of the world.”

During this intimate, once in a lifetime event, guests will enjoy a captivating address from Scott Kelly discussing his history-making year in space from which he returned this past March. Kelly’s commitment to advancing discoveries in medicine, biology, chemistry and materials sciences was demonstrated by his historic year in space; his excitement of the role that the Citizen Science mobile platform plays in inspiring youth to contribute to these discoveries is demonstrated in his partnership with Tribal, both at the Sep. 29th event as well as when Kelly joined Tribal in Abu Dhabi for the Citizen Science Global Unveiling held this past April.

“Who would have thought that a mobile phone could turn into a microscope, accelerometer, and a fun STEM educational laboratory, enabling anyone to touch the stars from wherever they are” said Kelly regarding Tribal’s Citizen Science platform.

Guests of the evening will also be entertained by a historic performance from Bob Weir. Weir’s performance comes on the heels of his Lifetime Achievement Performer award, received at the 2016 Americana Honors & Awards held on September 21.

A showcase of Tribal’s new Citizen Science mobile platform will be on display, taking guests through a sample of experiments created in partnership with leading global institutions including the University of Washington Bio-Robotics Lab, Plymouth University, and Lab4U, a Citizen Science partner for in-classroom experimentation.

Highlighting the importance of sustainability and clean technologies, Tribal will also be unveiling the first “sustainable red carpet” powered by guests’ own footsteps. The red carpet is constructed using kinetic Smart Floors, engineered by Pavegen Systems, Ltd., which convert people’s footsteps into energy, allowing users to track and measure the energy they generate. As guests walk the red carpet, the significance of the impact their footsteps can have on building a more sustainable world will be demonstrated by two Nissan energy efficient vehicles being charged by guests very own footsteps.

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About Tribal Planet
Tribal Planet is a leading technology platform company creating mobile innovation and consumer engagement platforms around global issues including education, sustainability, health and equality. Tribal Planet’s mobile platforms empower citizens from around the world to engage, learn, discover and collaborate in helping to solve the greatest challenges facing our world today. Tribal Planet is headquartered in San Mateo, California.