Connecting Communities with Energy Generation App

LONDON, UK, 11th May 2016, 

Pavegen and Tribal Planet announced their collaboration to implement game-changing plans for the Pavegen technology. The two companies will be creating a digital application, using public venues and access points around the world to monitor the energy generated on each Pavegen tile. The changes follow the recent surge in data-driven technologies, and working with Tribal Planet ensures Pavegen are at the forefront of this megatrend.

The app platform will follow a ‘redeem and donate’ scheme, where the energy generated by each individual’s footsteps provides them with an energy currency that can be redeemed for exclusive experiences and events access, and donated to social causes to deprived areas. Following the wellness standard and initiatives to make cities “happier”, the Pavegen technology can be an ideal solution in uniting communities in a positive energy generation.

Pavegen CEO and Founder Laurence Kemball-Cook said: “This is the biggest moment in Pavegen’s history and we’re thrilled to propel the launch forward with our long-term strategy alongside Tribal Planet. Jeff Martin has been instrumental in helping identify the space in which we’re positioned, using the data aspect of our technology to integrate in the city environment. Everyone gets excited about how much progress has been made in energy generated from footsteps, but this is more than just kinetic energy. With this partnership we are moving Pavegen from kinetic flooring and sustainable energy into smart floors and the business of data.”

Tribal Planet CEO and Founder Jeff Martin said: “Smart cities start with smart floors. We want to start a conversation among consumers, with them asking the question: ‘why are my footsteps being wasted?’ Every footstep you take is a vote. By giving the consumer this vote and showing that their footstep is valuable, more and more consumers will want businesses not to waste their footsteps. The decision about where they choose to go and which stores they shop at becomes a vote for sustainable energy. And smart cities begin from these votes.”

In 2015 Jeff Martin joined Pavegen as a member of their advisory board, after the company completed their first crowdfunding round on Crowdcube, raising a total of £2 million and accumulating over 1,500 investors, including Tribal Planet.

Jeff Martin founded Tribal Brands and Tribal Technologies in 2001 and 2008, respectively, merging the two in 2014 to form Tribal Planet. Tribal Brands was one of the first companies to drive more than one billion dollars in mobile-based sales for the entertainment industry through 17 global carrier alliances. Prior to Tribal Planet, Martin spent nine years as an executive at Apple, six of which he was head of music, entertainment, and new media markets. A direct report to Steve Jobs, Martin was instrumental in multimedia marketing strategy, design, and launch of numerous digital music and video products as well as the iMac and Mac OS X.

Pavegen is a clean-tech company that manufactures and develops flooring tiles; converting energy from footsteps into renewable electricity. Founded in 2009 by Laurence Kemball-Cook, Pavegen has since grown from strength to strength; transitioning from a 5-man team to a 40-strong group of engineers, designers, and innovators in under 5 years.

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About Tribal Planet
Tribal Planet is a leading technology platform company creating mobile innovation and consumer engagement platforms around global issues including education, sustainability, health and equality. Tribal Planet’s mobile platforms empower citizens from around the world to engage, learn, discover and collaborate in helping to solve the greatest challenges facing our world today. Tribal Planet is headquartered in San Mateo, California.

About Pavegen
Pavegen is the invention of Laurence Kemball-Cook, 30, an industrial design engineer and graduate of Loughborough University. The CEO and founder of Pavegen developed the concept in 2009, whilst researching kinetic off-grid energy solutions in environments where low-carbon technologies like solar and wind are not practical. Pavegen tiles can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations and work best where there is high footfall such as retail and transport hubs. The technology is integrated, discreetly, into the existing environment, underfoot. Permanent installations include three schools in the UK, the entrance of a large office and an installation at Federation Square, Melbourne – to name a few. Pavegen units are also available in modular form for use at events, such as exhibitions and marketing campaigns, to demonstrate their commitment to innovation, sustainability and CSR initiatives.