Tribal Planet & Scott Kelly announce partnership in launching new “Scott Kelly Endurance: Journey to Mars Scholarship”

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 30, 2016 / PRNewswire

Tribal Planet, Inc. (“Tribal”) is pleased to announce its partnership with history-making astronaut Scott Kelly in founding a new scholarship titled Scott Kelly Endurance: Journey to Mars Micro-Scholarships (the “Micro-Scholarships”).

The Micro-Scholarships announcement comes on the back of Tribal’s successful launch of its Citizen Science mobile platform, co-hosted by Kelly, on September 29. As Kelly recounted enthralling stories from his historic 340 days orbiting Earth, guests got a preview of the anecdotes found in his upcoming book, “Endurance: My Year in Space and Our Journey to Mars”, which is the inspiration for the Micro-Scholarships.

“The appeal of these micro-scholarships is that they’re not tied to any one particular school, giving students of all ages the benefit of making a post-secondary education decision that’s all their own,” said Jeff Martin, Founder & CEO of Tribal Planet. “Micro-scholarships have the potential to span tens of thousands of students, because every experiment done in the classroom, and every digital action done outside the classroom through the Citizen Science platform, has a micro-value assigned to it that is economically transferred to the student once they are accepted to college.”

Students accumulate credit by engaging in a variety of digital actions, including completing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) experiments and activities outside the classroom using Citizen Science, and inside the classroom using the Lab4U app, as well as by earning credit for their school attendance, grades and extracurricular activities.

Throughout the day on September 29, Kelly visited numerous schools within the Bay Area discussing the importance of Citizen Science and STEAM education, drawing a parallel to his own journey from student to astronaut. Kelly ended the afternoon atBerkeley’s School of the Madeleine where he joined a science class alongside one of Tribal’s partners, Komal Dadlani, CEO & Co-Founder of Lab4U.

Citizen Science’s first partner app with Lab4U is Lab4Physics, which allows teachers to put scientific experimentation in the hands of their students like never before. Lab4Physics provides experiments aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards with supporting materials including lesson plans, teacher instructions, student instructions and worksheets, saving teachers time by including all the required pedagogical material.

“At Lab4U we believe in democratizing science education, and with this partnership, we are confident that we will be able to give thousands of teachers and students around the world the opportunity to have a science lab in their pockets,” said Dadlani.

Echoing the sentiment from the Citizen Science launch event on September 29, Martin said: “What we’re hoping to accomplish is being able to look back years from now and see whether a student had a journey with Citizen Science and Scott Kelly that led them to Mars, because it is this next generation that will be our future astronauts.”

Students can begin accumulating credit using Citizen Science and Lab4U after the grand opening of the Citizen Science Rewards Store in October.

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