Citizen Rewards

The Citizen Rewards platform creates sustained customer engagement, advocacy and loyalty through a fair exchange of value, where users are rewarded for their time, attention, and effort.

  • Users earn points through engaging in actions, including registering, experimenting, playing, creating, sharing, and commenting
  • The more users participate, the more points they earn


Our Point System

As users earn points, they earn them in three distinct buckets, helping to teach the basics of financial literacy. Spend some on yourself (Fun), invest in your future (Important), and give back to your community (Lasting).

The types of exclusive rewards include... 

  • Fun Rewards:  Celebrity Meet & Greets, Event tickets, Mobile science kits, etc.
  • Important Rewards:  Micro-scholarships, Internships, Science Camp Scholarships, etc.
  • Lasting Rewards:  UNDP work in developing nations, STEAM Education in Nepal, etc.