We believe that technology alone won’t shape the future - people will.


Uniting through common purpose

Our unique solutions unite an ecosystem of individuals and organizations around common purpose.

Tribal Planet is a technology platform company based in Silicon Valley, with over 15 years’ experience in driving engagement and measurable impact. Applying expertise in innovative product design to global development priorities, Tribal Planet has developed the Citizen Platform: a mechanism for lasting social impact.


The Citizen Platform

Gamified Mobile Experiences

The Citizen Platform, through gamified mobile experiences, engages, excites, and empowers people to take action around the global challenges they care most about.

Uniting through common purpose

The Citizen Ecosystem unites individuals, government, corporations, educators, scientists, innovators, and non-profit organizations around common purpose through a single digital platform.

Incentivizing global citizens

The Citizen Model incentivizes users to become socially-conscious global citizens and agents of change through their own actions, builds trust between citizens and purpose-led organizations, and measures the impact for users and partners.



Citizen Earth is targeted at young people, developing STEAM, Wellness, Financial, Civic, and Career literacy to accelerate engagement, awareness, skills, and behaviors that drive action around what youth care most about.


Steam Literacy

Innovators, problem-solvers, and leaders of tomorrow, using STEAM fields to develop human skills such as critical thinking, adaptability, and imagination


Wellness Literacy

Physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy young people equipped to manage and improve their own holistic wellbeing


Civic Literacy

Active participants in society whose contribution drives community cohesion and equity


Financial Literacy

Youth empowered to make informed, confident, and competent judgments that boost their financial security and prosperity


Career Literacy

Prepared for jobs of the future and the transition from education to employment through career pathways and opportunities


How we deploy

The Citizen Platform is deployed to users in two ways


Citizen Earth 2.0 App

Solutions configured for customers

Solutions configured for PARTNERS