Citizen Insights

Tribal’s proprietary Citizen Insights platform generates unique analytics and insights regarding ecosystem partners’ relevancy, reputation, advocacy and consumer actions gathered from correlations and analysis of location and time-based signals from social channels, the Citizen Platforms, and Citizen Rewards Store. Predictive analytics provide partners with measurable insights that demonstrate impact and results of campaigns, allowing them to realign initiatives and assets in real time for maximum effectiveness.

  • Location-based data, via an individual’s mobile phone, is the only data that is truly predictive on a 1:1 basis

  • Individuals agree to share their data and remain opted-in as long as they receive valued information

  • Customized dashboards highlight the results and effectiveness  actions, campaigns and events results, demonstrating that what people value changes based on time-location context

  • Mobile location-based data is a missing, yet critical, segment of “Big Data” that uniquely never loses the context of how the data was acquired