The Tribal Story

In 2014, building on 14 years of profitability and innovation, Tribal Planet combined the collective assets, resources and IP of “Tribal Brands” and “Tribal Technologies” into a single company to develop a full-scale marketing, technology, and commerce platform.

Before music was digitalized, Tribal Brands made history by building trust and getting the industry’s most iconic music artists to “digitally release” their catalogs for mobile distribution.

Tribal Planet has helped drive over $2 billion in revenues for wireless carriers and brands worldwide.

Tribal Planet – formerly Tribal Brands and Tribal Technologies – began as a change agent to drive subscriber growth and retention for leading global carriers by designing and implementing mobile programs and services that engaged consumers and provided them with a relevant and fair exchange of value.



  • Pioneered VideoID, a video-discovery app with the capability to instantly purchase and share videos



  • Pioneered Augmented Reality, technology that allows consumers to merge virtual and real worlds



  • Achieved the first-ever Producer in Residence program, with Timbaland, in which the most successful music producer of the year signed a producer’s contract with a brand to create exclusive content for mobile

  • Achieved the first-ever use by a brand of a Mobile Recording Studio to generate exclusive content for its customers; artist participants included Madonna, Justin Timberlake, the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and many more

  • Pioneered the Graffiti Wall, a digital canvas on which users create art that is sent to their mobile phones

  • Achieved first-ever use of branded mobile apps, which facilitate ongoing dialogue with consumers and offer exclusive content

  • Achieved first-ever Green Screen technology to upload posts from home and share with communities



  • Achieved the first-ever VIP tour in which an artist did not take any proceeds from ticket sales; all tickets offered free to Verizon customers who had purchased mobile content from the artist

  • Achieved the first-ever authorized “bootleg recordings” offered via mobile to consumers; the artist had never worked with a corporate brand: Pearl Jam posted and made available for mobile-only download live versions of concert performances within twenty-four hours of the performance

  • Developed mobile merchandising platform, enabling instant opt-ins from mobile phones



  • Achieved the first-ever high school contest with a Billboard Number-One Ranked Artist, the Black Eyed Peas; similar contests featured a series of leading artists, from Fergie to Taylor Swift

  • Achieved the first-ever mobile release of AC/DC content in the U.S.

  • Achieved the first-ever artist-centric content channel for mobile, featuring Justin Timberlake, known as JT-TV; 2008 saw Fergie TV

  • Achieved the first-ever no-cost appearance of an iconic artist in a TV commercial, no-cost licensing of his music for the commercial, and a mobile-only release of the first single on his new album: Prince’s “Guitar” from the album Planet Earth

  • Created SongID, a music-discovery app with the ability to purchase directly from mobile phones



  • Achieved the first-ever delivery of bar code tickets as MMS messages; enabled recipients to use their phone as a ticket to gain VIP access to concert venues

  • Achieved the first-ever Verizon-only release of a song prior to the launch of iTunes and all other retail outlets with Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie”; her music video used as the Verizon advertisement

  • Pioneered ability to create user-generated content with celebrities on a green screen and push resulting videos to phones

  • Achieved first-ever MMS artist newsletter to sell mobile content



  • Launched music-video services to U.S. phones with Shakira’s single “La Tortura”

  • Launched ring-back tones market in the U.S. with Green Day’s American Idiot album

  • Launched a new licensing model in which chyrons on TV advertising were legitimized into dollar value in order to decrease cash outlay for licenses

  • Achieved the first-ever mobile release of NFL content via Motorola

  • Created loyalty-reward program, providing exclusive access to artists and free content



  • Achieved first-ever text and picture messaging from mobile phones to giant screen at concerts



  • Pioneered artist-fan collaboration, with personalized content sent to mobile phones